LACEEN is a special pilot project of the Coalition For A Safe Environment a community based non-profit Environmental Justice Advocacy Organization involved in preventing negative environmental, public health, public safety and socio-economic impacts caused by industry and government agencies. The Coalition For A Safe Environment (CFASE) is located in the City of Los Angeles Latino community of Wilmington.

The Los Angeles Community Environmental Enforcement Network ( LACEEN ) will be a state-of-the-art Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) pilot project that # 1 will monitor air quality and other environmental conditions in a community and # 2 allow members of the public to file a complaint or report over an environmental, public health or public safety violation or incident in their community. LACEEN will be the first community based network system in the State of California to do both.

The primary pilot project goals are to eliminate or reduce public exposure to toxic chemical air pollutants, improve community public health, develop community based research, promote community technical education and public policy capacity building.

LACEEN has chosen to monitor air quality and other environmental conditions in a Wilmington residential community that borders the ConocoPhillips Oil Refinery via a fence-line air quality monitoring system using the "AirBase CanariT" multi-sensor air quality monitoring device that is mounted on a residential home roof top.

LACEEN is also a community-public friendly based environmental incident complaint and reporting, investigation and tracking system which is networked with regulatory governmental agencies partners. LACEEN is designed and modeled after the successful Imperial Valley IVAN On-Line environmental incident reporting and enforcement system which has been already duplicated by three other communities in California.

It is the future goals of LACEEN to expand our Community Environmental Enforcement Network to include all major Petroleum Industry air pollution sources such as oil refineries, storage tank facilities and crude oil drilling sites. LACEEN will further expand to include monitoring emissions at ports, freight transportation corridors, train railyards and warehouse distribution centers.

Why LACEEN? Communities near major industries are constantly plagued with a myriad of dangers, hazards, illegal activities, negative environmental and public health impacts. In the past 20 years the Environmental Justice Movement emerged to stop these from occurring. The Environmental Justice Movement has now evolved with local residents developing knowledge of the environment, scientific monitoring equipment, public health impacts and the nature of politics and industrial lobbying which has tremendous influence on how public policies, laws, rules, regulations, programs and enforcement is implemented.

LACEEN is a combined inexpensive simple-to-operate air quality monitoring system and community based friendly environmental incident reporting system that currently does not currently exist in Los Angeles or the State of California. There is also a significant need for community notification when there is a release of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere so that residents can take precautionary measures to protect their families. Residents can sign-up for ALERT ME! and be notified when an incident has occurred near them.

LACEEN was also developed to support Environmental Justice Community and Governmental Regulatory Agency relationship building and partnership in resolving significant and complex environmental, public health and public safety issues. The LACCEN project will further expand our growing partnership with academic institutions who have now taken significant active roles in providing scientific and medical research information to the public, sponsoring community public health training, providing hands-on scientific instrument training and community empowerment.

LACEEN Operating System

The LACEEN System Network consists of two innovative technology elements:

1. An AirBase a multi-sensor environmental monitoring device mounted on the roof of a resident's house which is operating 24hrs. a day 7 days a week. The AirBase sensors will be set to California state public safety standards and record all data when a public safety standard is exceeded. The Airbase system can also send out an alert notices to registered users. The AirBase multi-sensor unit collects environmental data in real time and then transmits the data via internet to the LACEEN - Air Quality Monitoring Laboratory at the Coalition For A Safe Environment office. A report can be published with all data collected. A member of the public can go on-line to view the environmental monitoring sensors data.

2. A On-Line community environmental reporting, investigation and enforcement system that allows members of the public to file a complaint or report an environmental, public health or public safety violation or incident in their community. The public can file a complaint on-line, via email, via a text message, calling the LACEEN office or visiting the Coalition For A Safe Environment office.

The LACEEN System Network includes Governmental Regulatory Agency partners who will conduct a follow-up investigation, prepare a report and if necessary undertake legal enforcement actions.

The LACEEN System Network includes a Project Taskforce which consists of community residents, homeowners, students, community organizations, public health organizations, academic partners, governmental regulatory agency and CFASE staff.